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   You can take the following 3 premium basic courses in groups such as friends
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■ Contents (1 course at a time) All with sweets for practical training and tea time
  ・ How to make black tea and tasting of Ceylon tea's 7 major production areas
         Based on the experience and knowledge unique to specialty stores, the tools needed to make black tea,

Talk about basic delicious brewing methods such as the amount of tea leaves and hot water

Explanation of tea by production area in Sri Lanka and actual tasting cup

Use to sample tea from each production area

In practice, 1 pot per person, put in tea leaves from your favorite production area, tea time


  ・ How to make milk tea

      How to make milk tea

What are CTC tea leaves that go well with milk tea?

A story about the amount of milk that goes well with milk tea

Tasting milk tea with different tea leaves


  ・ How to make iced tea

Tips for making clear iced tea

The keywords are tea leaf selection and how to meet each

Rich ice milk tea unique to a black tea specialty store

How to choose and make tea leaves that match ice milk tea that is as good as milk

How to make tea syrup for iced tea


■ 4 people or more per group
■ Starting days: Consultations are available in the morning / day of the week.
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