For customers to drink black tea at the tea plantation. MITSUTEA tea leaves are imported directly from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka
The store manager who trained at the tea garden for one year will deliver the selection.


After drinking delicious milk tea in England, I fell in love with black tea and left the company to go to Sri Lanka, where it is produced.

While staying at a Sri Lankan house, he trained in tea at a tea plantation for a year.

While chasing the quality season, we moved through the seven major production areas of Sri Lanka.
I learned tasting thoroughly.

And it covers everything from the process of making black tea to auctions and distribution.

In recognition of its activities and achievements, we received a letter of recommendation from the Sri Lankan Government Tea Bureau.

However, on the other hand, the meal is a spicy curry with three meals. Life without water, daily power outages,
A bath in the river. And the fear of terrorism.

It wasn't an easy life, but I settled down and faced tea and its background, Sri Lanka.

" Travel around the sacred place of tea SRI LANKA TRAVEL BOOK " by Mitsuyo Nakanaga

(Sanctuary Publishing)

"Crying and laughing in Sri Lanka" by Mitsuyo Suehiro (published by Diamond)
"Are you satisfied with such tea?" By Mitsuyo Suehiro (published by Shodensha Kogane Bunko)

In Sri Lanka, the country of tea, we make tea every day, today and tomorrow.

Even if it rains, we pick tea, and even in the cold early morning when the bottom gets cold, the tea factory is still in operation.
Thanking everyone involved in tea. .. ..

No artificial fragrances are used.

Enjoy black tea with the natural taste and aroma that you can drink at the tea garden.