Work at a tea shop

Sri Lanka

In order to purchase good tea leaves, the first step is to build a strong connection with the tea plantation that produces the top quality in the area.

Representative Nakanaga, who trained in tea for a year locally, is familiar with the town and life of Sri Lanka, and can quickly understand the Sinhala language spoken in Sri Lanka.

The arrival of tea

Repeat the tasting thoroughly. We always taste in Japan and carefully select only tea leaves that match Japanese water. In addition, we will ask the tea garden to remake tea leaves of the same quality as the selected tea leaves with new tea. Final check it and it is in stock. The tea that MITSUTEA has arrived can also mark the top price at the Colombo Tea Auction that will be held after that. It has become a world-renowned black tea.

The best taste and aroma of black tea

After arrival, look for the best point of delicious black tea in Japan. Repeatedly verify the optimum points for the amount of boiling water, the amount of tea leaves, and the steaming time, and clearly indicate on the label of each tea leaf. Even beginners can brew without hesitation.

Online tea lessons

I want as many people as possible to know the deliciousness of Sri Lankan black tea. And I want you to expand the way you enjoy black tea many times.

Deliciousness and comfort for your tea time at home.

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