Tea tasting experience

[Important] To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection
The following tasting experience will be suspended for a while.
When resuming, we will notify you on SNS etc.
Please follow the SNS at the bottom of the page.
Black tea from 7 major production areas in Sri Lanka
Tasting experience


Sri Lanka, an island floating in the Indian Ocean.

The black tea production area extends from the center of the island to the southwestern part and is divided into seven production areas.

When the production area changes, the aroma and taste of the natural product will change.

We will prepare 7 types at a time, so please enjoy the difference. You may be surprised ...

This is not a tasting lesson, so please feel free to enjoy the taste comparison after the staff has explained the whole thing.

■ Complete reservation system 13:00 start (about 30 minutes) Closed on Mondays

(The staff in charge is subject to change)

■ Experience tasting of 7 major Sri Lankan tea producing areas.

You can enjoy the aroma and taste according to altitude and production area. You will surely find your favorite tea.

■ Limited to 1-2 people to ensure social distance.

If you want to taste slowly by yourself, please pay for 2 people.

■ Location MITSUTEA store 231-0868 2-69 Ishikawacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 1 minute walk from JR Ishikawacho Station

■ Experience fee 550 yen (tax included) / person Make a reservation after confirming payment.

If you feel uncomfortable or unwell after payment, by the day before

Please contact us directly by email or phone.

Also, even on the day of the event, please measure your body temperature before leaving your home, and if it is 37.5 degrees or higher,

Please refrain from going out and contact us.

You will have to remove the mask and drink tea, but when talking, the mask

Please wear it.