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​About us


MITSUTEA is a tea shop

Tea leaves are imported directly from Sri Lanka.

No artificial fragrances are used.

It covers everything from the process of making black tea to auctions and distribution. In recognition of its activities and achievements, we received a letter of recommendation from the Sri Lankan Government Tea Bureau.


In Sri Lanka, the country of tea, we make tea every day, today and tomorrow. Even if it rains, we pick tea, and even in the cold early morning when the bottom gets cold, the tea factory is still in operation.

Thanking everyone involved in tea ...


Owner Nakanaga  Mitsuyo


Tea training at a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

After drinking delicious milk tea in England, I fell in love with black tea and left the company to go to Sri Lanka.

While chasing the quality season, I lived in 7 major production areas in Sri Lanka and thoroughly learned tasting. And tea is made

It covers everything from the process to the auction and distribution. In recognition of its activities and achievements, we received a letter of recommendation from the Sri Lankan Government Tea Bureau.

" Travel around the Sanctuary of Tea SRI LANKA TRAVEL BOOK "

"Crying and laughing Sri Lanka"
"Are you satisfied with such tea?"

​what we can do

​Tasting experience


The production area of black tea extends from the center of the island to the southwestern part and is divided into seven production areas. We will prepare 7 types at a time, so please enjoy the difference. You may be surprised ...

  • Date and time: When the store opens 12: 00-17: 00 * Closed on Mondays

  • Location: MITSUTEA store (access here )

  • Summary: Experience tasting of 7 major Sri Lankan tea producing areas. You can enjoy the aroma and taste by altitude and production area. (If the tea leaves are backordered, it may be changed to 6 types)

  • Price: Free

  • Reservation: Not required (please wear a mask. You may have to wait outside to prevent infection)


​Online lessons


Ceylon Tea School will start online lessons where you can watch lessons from anywhere you like.
Recommended for those who live far away, those with small children, those who cannot leave the house due to nursing care, etc., those who are busy with work and cannot take time.
スリランカ ペドロ茶園で紅茶を飲む写真

​Initiatives for SDGs

​3. SDGs

MITSUTEA supports the following as part of the SDGs initiatives.

  1. Black tea from AMBA Tea Garden, which is attracting attention from all over the world as a sustainable tea garden

  2. AMMA textile's "SDGs Tea Scarf" and "SDGs Tea Tote Bag", which are made by extracting colors from discarded vegetables, fruits, and black tea, dyeing them into threads, and carefully weaving them one by one.


Wholesale sales


We support wholesale from small quantities.

Patisserie, bakery, cafe, restaurant, select shop, bookstore, etc. It can also be used as tea for tea time in various classrooms, including tea lessons and cake classes.

First of all, please let us know that you would like to request materials related to wholesale sales.

After completing registration, we will send you the password for the wholesale site.

Click here for MITSUTEA product dealers


​Corporate cooperation


We propose pairing of Sri Lankan tea and food.

We select and verify black tea with your food such as cakes, baked goods, Japanese sweets, sweets such as chocolate, bread and meals. Please use black tea as a new menu item.

How about offering sweets and pairing tea as a gift, or offering tea to accompany your meal?


​Sri Lanka Tour


A program to travel like a living for about 8 days around tea spots in Sri Lanka. We will guide the students of the master course of online lessons with the highest priority, and if there is room in the seat, we will also recruit the general public.

[Recruitment] Notice on homepage and SNS

[Overview] Visiting tea-producing areas / Visiting tea gardens / Tea-picking experience

Visit Nakanaga's stay in Sri Lanka and enjoy tea time and interaction with local people

スリランカ ヒルクラブで紅茶を注いでいる写真

​Store introduction

We always have about 20 kinds of Sri Lankan tea .

All staff are specialists trained in Sri Lanka and all are instructors of CEYLON TEA SCHOOL.
Please feel free to contact us for home use, gifts, etc.

* Please wear a mask to prevent the spread of corona infection.
​ * Eat-in and take-out are not available.


Enjoy tea time to your heart's content


Ceylon Tea, a tea shop in Sri Lanka | MITSUTEA | 

2-69 Maison Libre 1F, Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0868

OPEN 12: 00-17: 00 / Closed on Mondays

1 minute walk from "Ishikawacho" station on the JR Negishi line

アンカー かrカレンダー

Staff recruitment


We are looking for staff to work with.

I would be happy if I could meet friends who would share the charm of Sri Lanka and the charm of tea together.

If you are interested, please contact us first.

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